The Cheese Bread

Cheese Bread

Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bread or cheese puffs are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Made with 100% natural ingredients, a natural gluten-free, yeast free, sugar free recipe, these cheese puffs are ready to bake from freezer to oven in 20 minutes - no need to thaw.

The Cheese Bread are perfect for parties or to prepare for your kids to take to school. Kids love the cheese bread and grown-ups can enjoy it with their favorite wine or local beer. The Pão de queijo (cheese bread in Portuguese) has been the favorite snack for decades in Brazil and now you can have it at your local store.

The cheese bread recipe uses just a few natural ingredients purchased locally in Bend. The simplicity of its recipe and the amazing taste of the cheese bread gives shoppers the piece of mind of serving their family and friends a great product that tastes incredible.

About Us

Bella Baker is a small company from Bend Oregon, founded in 2014 by Milena Burnquist and Stacey Bock. Milena was born and raised between Brazil and the U.S., Stacey from Tucson, Arizona. Both met at their kids school, and grew into a friendship and shared the love of making delicious foods.

With Stacey's years of experience in commercial catering, and Milena's Authentic Brazilian Cheese Bread recipe (which happens to be naturally gluten free, yeast free and sugar free), we are adventuring in this partnership with our delicious cheese bread / cheese puffs, the most popular appetizers in the "padarias" (bakeries) and homes in Brazil.

Today Bella Baker is getting its foot out the door and we are making our first placements in the local Bend market. Bella Baker uses a Gluten-Free facility for the production and packaging of the cheese bread. Go To "Where to Find US" for a list of local stores offering Bella Baker's Cheese Bread and enjoy it ! (We know you will !)

Where to Find Us


Central Oregon Locavore
Central Oregon Locavore
Market of Choice
Gotta B Gluten Free

Portland Area

Market of Choice
Market of Choice




Sunriver Country Store


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The Bella Baker Ladies - Milena and Stacey.